• Our new system is nearly invisible, Giving Unprecedented Transparency.
  • The Juliet can be attached to a Window Frame, A Reveal, or Face Fix to your building masonry.
  • Max width of Glass to be used 2.9 meters @1100mm high. (not Supplied but can be ordered separately when required.)
  • The system is speedy to install with our Click feature for easy of installing the Glass.
  • Thoroughly tested & Certified, the system is for Private Residences, Apartments buildings & Hotels.
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Installations.
  • Can be Powdercoated ( As an Extra Cost, please let us know ) to Match Window to be Nearly Invisible.
  • For 74KN Loading for a Domestic Property up to 21mm Toughed Laminated Glass can be used.
  • We can supply a price for the glass and powdercoating if you require it.