Let Your Railing Shine Once Again

The Myth :   Stainless Steel doesn’t need to be cleaned ! 

The Truth: Actually…Yes It does !

Even if you own a million pound super yacht.


Most types of stainless steel can’t actually rust, they DO ALL need to be Cleaned & Maintained on a Regular Basis, throughout the year, or risk it looking tatty.

They will quickly start to get that brown rusty look & then it will require professional equipment to restore it.

Do You Live near a Beach or have a Pool?

Salt & iron particles in the air float around & land on the metal, they then will build up quickly. You may notice that they will start to go milky, this layer will need to be removed as soon as possible, before it cant be restored and the damage is done.

Swimming pools & around Hot Tubs have chlorine in them that also reacts over time.

Tee Staining

It’s called this because the stainless starts to go brown, it’s from the water modules that land on the metal that rusts not the stainless material itself, as shown in our example here. To prevent this it must under go regular maintenance.

Even Tree Sap causes Damage

With external handrails they can accumulate sap from trees & bushes, this will give them brownish type spots & sometimes can feel gritty or sticky.

Book in our Maintenance Team

To Completely renew your existing railing.

1) Just Give Us a Call & Book Us in
2) Our Team will be sent to you
3) And we’ll get to work !
 To make it look New Again 
4) To keep it looking new, just book us in for a regular monthly clean

And We’ll Keep It Looking GREAT!