Terms & Conditions

 Our General Term & Conditions

  • We please ask for a location to Park our Site van and the use of  a power socket.
  • Any Building works, carpentry, roofing etc.  required to accept our metal work, is to be designed and installed by other trades.
  • Any weather proofing required to seal our stainless steel system for any reason is to be done by others, we supply and fit the structural elements only & do not waterproof or guarantee waterproofing.
  • The area we are installing to, must be ready for us, if we cannot install because the area is not prepared, then we will have to leave site, and a return visit will be charged.
  • If we are installing in a decorated area, please note where we take the upmost care to protect the area as best as possible, sometimes small parts of damage can occur, & we cant be liable for this, ideally we should be booked in before final decorating is completed.
  • Some patio slabs or brickwork can be Brittle & Can crack, we will take as much care as possible,  but again if this happens we cannot be responsible for this & cannot guarantee any works apart from our own.
  • Due to Health & Safety, the Area we are working in will need to be completely sealed off from all other trades,
  • We Reserve the right to refuse any quote or cancel a job for any reason.
  • On completion of our work on site, our site crew will hand you a form to sign that states that you have inspected the work & it has been left in a clean and good condition and you are happy with our quality of work and staff .
  • MAINTENANCE: Stainless steel must be maintained regularly or ‘Tee Staining’ can occur, this looks like little orange spots or rust, but it is only the dust in the air staining the stainless that cannot rust, tree sap can also discolour the stainless. So please be aware it may need to be washed down with soap & water occasionally. Failure to do this will make it harder for you to clean in the future and then need professional cleaning done by us with the use of our specialist equipment at an extra cost.
  • By Accepting our quotation you agree that all property is owned by The Stainless Railing Company, & if full payment is not made, then we have the right and your permission, be it you are the customer or subcontractor, to freely enter the premises, at any reasonable time of day, to remove our property unobstructed from anyone. If you are the subcontractor then by signing this you have agreed this with the customer and any issues, will be between the customer and yourself, we as a company do not need to get involved.
  • If a job is cancelled after you have asked us to continue and we have already started our paperwork, then the deposit paid by the customer, will be kept by the company to pay for all professional time, labour and material involved.
  • Due to the way that raw material costs keep rising from our sources, this quote will be valid and honoured from the written date at the top of the quote for 7 days, after that it may need to be revised and the cost increased.
  • Deposit to be made on acceptance of the quotation by Card, & finial balance paid on the last day of installation also by Card to the fitting team that carry card readers.

Terms of payment
Acceptance of this quote means acceptance of all our terms & will always supersede your own.

  • 50% Deposit paid by Card on Acceptance.
  • 25% To Book in Delivery Date.
  • 25% On final Day of Installation before Leaving.

If we make any changes to our Policy, we will notify you by placing a prominent notice on our website.

All our terms a conditions will be accepted by yourself when an order has been placed.

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